Mount Sinai Hospital

“Agnew Peckham has provided consulting services to Mount Sinai Hospital for more than 50 years and has provided exemplary services related to facilitation, committee support, program and service review, needs assessments and facility planning.

I worked with them at the William Osler Centre as well as in various stages of our capital project for Mount Sinai Hospital. At all times Agnew Peckham has been extremely responsive to customer needs and timelines providing excellent guidance as a result of their extensive experience.

Agnew Peckham has been a trusted advisor in facilitating the transformation of a number of leading academic and multi-site hospitals I have worked at over the past 2 decades. Their role in helping clients understand the implications of strategic and operational opportunities enables an organization to effectively position themselves and move forward in the complex and ever changing health care environment."

Altaf Stationwala,
President & CEO (Past Sr. Vice President - Mount Sinai Hospital)
Mackenzie Health



Internship Program

May 2018