William Osler Health System

Location: Brampton and Etobicoke, Ontario

The William Osler Health System is one of Canada’s largest community hospitals that serves the areas of Brampton, Etobicoke and other areas within the Greater Toronto Area. It includes the Etobicoke General, Brampton Civic and soon to be redeveloped Peel Memorial. Agnew Peckham has played an integral role in the strategy to develop a corporate-wide facility plan; our team has provided the facility planning support to the organization for all of its sites.

Agnew Peckham has led the integrated planning team to develop Stage 1 proposals for all three sites and have subsequently developed the Stage 2 functional programs for the Brampton Civic Hospital (BCH) and for the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness (PMC), a comprehensive ambulatory care hospital. Our integrated team also developed an equipment plan for PMC and the output specifications for the procurement at BCH and PMC.

BCH was a pilot project; the first acute care facility developed under the emerging alternative financing and procurement model. PMC will create a new model of care for residents and our functional programming for the site focused on three centres of excellence:

  • Centre for Rehabilitation and Seniors Wellness
  • Centre for Community Mental Health
  • Centre for Acute Care Services (including medical/surgical clinics, ambulatory surgery, chronic disease management, and an urgent care/walk-in clinic)

The new PMC model enhances access to acute care services for Brampton residents with a focus on wellness and prevention in an ambulatory hospital. Our team facilitated stakeholder sessions to develop the model, which integrated community-based providers in the planning and delivery of services. While the PMC will offer distinct services that address the identified needs of the community, it complements the services provided at Brampton Civic Hospital to minimize duplication and improve efficiency across the system.

The Equipment Planning at PMC included the development of a generic equipment list and capital equipment cost estimate. We assisted the client in setting up room standards and generic lists and provided the room numbering and naming assigned to each space in our functional program space which the client used to apply standard furniture modules and capital costing. Agnew Peckham then integrated the outcomes in our estimate.