North Bay Regional Health Centre

Location: North Bay, Ontario

The North Bay Regional Health Centre, the amalgamation of the North Bay District Hospital and Northeast Mental Health Centre, opened in 2011. This state of the art District Referral Acute Care and Regional Tertiary Mental Health Facility serves residents of North-Eastern Ontario. Agnew Peckham played a significant role in the innovative planning and design including the functional program development, corporate strategic planning and transition planning.

The transition planning process included clinical strategic planning, process redesign applying Lean principles, detailed drawing analysis to review patient, staff and information flow and misalignments requiring attention. In addition support was provided to establish operating and implementation plans for each department/service identifying the steps required to achieve successful transition from 3 sites to the new facility.

The distinct characteristics of this project included Agnew Peckham’s

  • Long term engagement and in-depth knowledge of the organizations. We have provided comprehensive planning services for over 25 years.
  • The amalgamation of a hospital and mental health organization. We identified areas of alignment and opportunities for integration including achieving greater cultural integration.
  • Corporate and clinical strategic planning. We provided these services for both predecessor organizations and we ensured there was alignment with the facility planning.
  • Operational planning and budgeting. The operational/transitional planning support included the specific steps required to achieve success on opening day and beyond.

Agnew Peckham’s comprehensive services resulted in a smooth adjustment from the current operation in 3 aging facilities to a contemporary, patient and family centred and operationally efficient facility.