London Hospitals

Location: London, Ontario

Agnew Peckham has provided planning services for the hospitals in London for over 25 years including the functional programs and operational plans for the major redevelopment of the LHSC's Victoria and University Hospitals.

In 2010 we developed a Precapital submission and subsequently a Stage 1 Submission, which included a service delivery model. Agnew Peckham's Achieving New HeightsTM and Roadmap for Support ServicesTM were used to structure the planning process and consultations.

  • 24 interdisciplinary clinical groups created future directions for services on 6 sites.
  • Specific initiatives were established by all groups to support achievement of the Southwest LHIN's Blueprint 2020 directions, work effectively with other providers and create an improved patient experience.
  • Activity projections reflected future innovative clinical practice changes.

The planning process created a forum for focused reflective discussions by numerous leaders and a pathway for ongoing change and innovation. The directions formed the basis for the assessment of current space and the projection of future space requirements and priorities that guided the master redevelopment plans and business cases.