Chatham Kent Health Alliance (CKHA)

Location: Chatham, Ontario

CKHA is comprised of three organizations on 2 campuses, in Chatham and Wallaceburg. Redevelopment of the Wallaceburg site and expansion of the Chatham site to address major issues related to safety, operational efficiency and patient and family centredcare are major priorities. The vision of CKHA in the future is to build an integrated model of care for Chatham-Kent that is offered on both campuses and supported by and integrated with services offered by other local health service providers. Agnew Peckham developed the Precapital and Stage 1 Proposal submissions and coordinated the planning efforts.

Clinical strategic planning formed the foundation of the capital planning. Our process also included:

  • Facilitating discussions with the clinical program directors and senior leaders regarding future services and innovations in care delivery
  • Conducting workshops to create the future vision for ambulatory care services
  • Documenting and assessing options for the future role of the two sites and the operational and capital resources

Over 40 master programs were created to support the service delivery options. The master program created the foundation for two options that were developed for the Hospital's future space requirements; these formed the basis for a range of master plan options for the Stage 1 Proposal.

The Master Program summarized the community's needs over the next 20 years and examined two very different service delivery options for hospital services over the two campuses. Together with the Hospital's architects, Agnew Peckham supported the Hospital in an extensive community engagement process to raise awareness of the master plan options for both campuses, review the service delivery implications with local residents and provide an opportunity for the local community and health service providers to input into the master plan options.

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